Thermacell LIV® is Good Housekeeping’s Pick for Must-have Pest Protection in The 2022 Home Renovation Awards

Oct 06, 2022 Posted by: Thermacell Repellents
Good Housekeeping has devoted 5,000 hours of rigorous testing to bring you their top picks for the best products and services to help you create your dream home. We are proud to share that the LIV® Smart Mosquito Repellent System was chosen for the Lawn & Yard Savior category!

LIV is the best holistic home option for large area, built-in, built to last mosquito protection—a simple and effective permanent mosquito solution. Here’s what Good Housekeeping had to say: “You can have the greatest outdoor entertainment space around, but if mosquitoes are frequent visitors, it’s not going to be the scene of much open-air fun. While insect sprays and citronella candles can provide temporary relief, Thermacell LIV offers a permanent solution that our tests confirm keeps mosquitoes and other airborne pests away. The wired system consists of up to five cylinders [per hub] with cartridges that contain a heat-activated repellent; turn it on 15 minutes before you plan to be outside, and LIV will create a mosquito-free dome for as long as the system stays on. The Wi-Fi–connected hub allows you to fire up the repellent remotely or control it by voice command through your Amazon or Google smart speakers.”

To make Good Housekeeping’s Award-winner lineup, LIV was put to the test with both professional and DIY installations, and the lab results came back positive for easy set-up and powerful protection. According to the report, “Testers were amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of LIV. One based in Florida opted for professional installation for her 2,000-square foot property. “The install team found genius ways for the repellers to blend in seamlessly with existing structures, like the edge of my jacuzzi deck and the base of a potted plant," she said. Another tester did a DIY installation for his 200-square-foot deck and found the process easy and intuitive. The results were immediate. “I use my above-ground jacuzzi tub quite frequently at dusk, when mosquitoes are at their worst, and I haven't been bitten or annoyed once since the LIV was installed,” said the Florida tester. “Summertime dinners on the deck are possible in ways they never were before,” added the other.”

Whether you’re planning your own dream home renovations, or just want to make the backyard of any home feel like a dream—Thermacell LIV is the ultimate mosquito repellent system. Learn More on our website and Shop The LIV Collection now.