The Art of the Backyard Summer

Apr 01, 2022 Posted by: Thermacell Repellents

Summer is Around the Corner

Your back patio is landscaped to perfection, mosquito-protected, and ready for hosting, but don’t forget these key elements to keep the party rolling all summer long.

Connect with Food 

People come for the company, but they stay for the food. Summer is all about light and effortlessly delicious recipes. Fire up the grill for some barbeque or serve an invigorating summer salad—bonus points if it features produce from your local farmer’s market.


Pop the Bubbly

Whether you’re serving cocktails or mocktails, a cool drink is the best close to a steamy summer day. Try your hand at crafting a refreshing Aperol spritz or a fruity sangria. Better yet, have an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version so all your guests can feel comfortable taking part. 

CYR02718Ban the Bites

No one wants uninvited guests showing up to the party, especially mosquitoes. Reclaim your backyard and ban the bites with Thermacell’s LIV® mosquito protection system. Featuring customizable large-area coverage, the ability to control from your phone, and protection that starts in minutes, LIV is a gamechanger for summer soirees. Don’t just take our word for it, see how HGTV’s Darren Keefe is staying mosquito-free with his LIV system.


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