Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Me More Than My Friends?

Jun 26, 2023 Posted by: Thermacell Repellents

Thermacell-Mosquito-Blog-RepellerLearn Why Certain People Attract Mosquitoes More Than Others and How to Repel Them   

You must be sweet because the mosquitoes are eating you up! If you’re always the one in the group getting bug bites, you’ve probably heard this before and are still wondering, “Why do mosquitoes bite me more than my friends?” While certain people attract mosquitoes more than others, it has nothing to do with how you taste. At Thermacell, we’re all about ensuring you enjoy your outdoor moments without worrying about pesky mosquitoes. So, we’re breaking down why mosquitoes bite some people more than others and giving you the tips you need to repel them. 

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite in the First Place?

So, why do these pesky bugs bite us anyway? Interestingly enough, only female mosquitoes bite. Male mosquitoes prefer to get their nutrients from nectar, while female mosquitoes need the protein found in blood to produce eggs. All this biting leads to the spread of diseases, including the Zika and West Nile viruses and even malaria. It's all a gross business, so protecting yourself as much as possible from mosquito bites is best. 

1. Your Blood Type

Although mosquitoes aren’t attracted to your taste, they might be tempted by your blood type. People with Type O blood are more likely to draw Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, common in the United States. How do mosquitoes know you’re Type O? Roughly 80% of the population secretes signals that indicate their blood type to mosquitoes. Basically, these secretions are like waving flags attracting mosquitoes right to you. If you’re the only Type O in the group, you’re a prime target. 

2. You Tend to Run Hot 

Mosquitoes are big fans of the heat, which is why you see them more in the summer. If you tend to run hot or work out outdoors, you’ll attract mosquitoes because of your raised body temperature. 

3. You’re Sweating Outdoors 

In addition to heat, mosquitoes also like sweat. If you’re prone to sweating or like playing outdoor sports in the summer, mosquitoes will track you down. Even if you’re not actively sweating but you skipped last night’s shower, mosquitoes may still be attracted to your natural body odor. 

4. You’re Breathing Heavy 

Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is another sensory trigger for mosquitoes, and it even activates a visual reflex so they can hone in on their target. Humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. So, if you’re breathing heavily, you will attract more mosquitoes. This is also why mosquitoes tend to fly around your head. 

5. Your Wardrobe 

Mosquitoes have pretty good eyesight and can spot you from almost 50 feet away. Because they often like to live in lush foliage or near still water sources, they tend to gravitate toward dark earthy colors. So, if you are a fan of wearing dark greens, blacks, and browns, you may attract more mosquitoes than your pastel-loving friends.  

6. Your Microbiome

While you can change your clothes, you can’t change your microbiome. Your skin’s microbiome gives off chemicals like carboxylic acid and ammonia and also hosts bacteria that mosquitoes find more appealing than the best perfume. Depending on your genetics, you may have the perfect scent to lure mosquitoes in. 

7. You’re Enjoying a Patio Drink 

While enjoying the patio with a refreshing cocktail in hand is nice, mosquitoes may want to join you for a drink. Studies have indicated that people drinking alcohol could increase their attraction to mosquitoes. 

8. You’re Moving Around

When you move around, you stand out more from your environment. So, if you are outside exercising or simply hosting a backyard get-together, you may catch the eye of a mosquito. The more you move, the more mosquitoes you’ll attract. 

9. You’re Pregnant 

When you’re pregnant, your metabolism rises, increasing your body heat and CO2 production. Because mosquitoes are attracted to both, you become a more desirable target. 

10. You Picked the Wrong Place to Hang Out

Finally, you may just be picking the wrong places to hang out during the summer. Mosquitoes thrive in warm environments with standing water and lush foliage. Without protections in place, you could be entering a mosquito danger zone. 

How Mosquito Magnets Can Repel Mosquitoes 

No one wants to be the mosquito magnet of the group. Luckily, there are ways you can repel mosquitoes and reduce your chances of getting bit. 

Wear Light Colors 

Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors. So, reducing your chances of being bit may be as easy as adding some light colors to your wardrobe. Plan to wear colors like white, light blue, and pastel pink to deter mosquitoes. 

Shower Regularly 

You can’t alter your skin’s microbiome or natural scent. However, regular showers can help wash away sweat and body odors that attract mosquitoes. That fresh, clean smell isn’t what mosquitoes are after. 

Bring Along Repellant (and not the messy sprays) 

The best way to keep mosquitoes at bay is to bring along repellant, and we’re not talking about sticky bug sprays and citronella candles. It’s time you put up a new method of defense. 

Thermacell rechargeable repellers release a 20-foot invisible barrier to repel mosquitoes for continuous protection — all at the click of a button. Our mosquito repellents have no mess, smoke, or harsh smells and are suitable for use around kids and pets. Plus, their portable, rechargeable design means you can bring them along wherever the adventure takes you. Finally, you can enjoy all the beauty of the outdoors without worrying about mosquitoes coming in for an attack. 

Create a Mosquito Free Zone — Wherever You Are

There’s no need to worry about who gets bitten more when you’re all hanging out in a mosquito-free zone. Stay protected and take along your trusty Thermacell rechargeable mosquito repeller for your next outdoor picnic, workout, fishing trip, or any other moment that inspires you.  


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